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{Kuma Chang}
Okay I have to admit I'm partly only making this entry so I can see how the LJ Cut works. Because I don't know how to do it really. So I figured why not share some music I love that you might not know about.


hAngry & Angry-Top Secret

~Okay I cheated and added these three.

f(x)-I have no idea what this song is called. It's got Chu in it though...and a girl that looks like a boy.

Yumi Kawamura-Burn My Dread

FictionJunction-Parallel Hearts

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lol I had to use the edit a lot the first couple of times i tried to make a lj-cut. I was full of fail lol

I usually am too but this worked out well. I've been trying like a LJ HTML trick a month lol.

roflmao. i gave up on the button for lj-cut and just use the html now

lol! isnt it the one that looks like a graph or something. interestingly enough i fail at the button rather than the html

Oh on like rich text or whatever? I didn't know what that was when I joined so I skipped it and never looked back XD

lol i never realised what it was until months after i became active when i put my mouse on it lol

I can see I need to start sticking my mouse places.

Roflmao XD

I avoided even doing that at first cause the icon gave me the idea it was something complex

Right? It's like a weird graph with a squigly line.

Yeah it is, my friend posted a picture XD

(Deleted comment)
That's terrible. I usually keep things kind of simple though so hopefully if I have to use it again everything will go smoothly.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
You actually know who they are!!! I usually have to go through explaining who Kajiura is and find some anime she did the OST from to get someone into doesn't work.

(Deleted comment)
I found her kind of by accident from watching .hack//SIGN and fell in love with her sound. Than I actually saw Keiko and was all ^///^


do you think there are any keiko icons floating around?

hey i just realized i haven't added you on this account *adds*

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