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so i have no idea what i'm doing
{Kuma Chang}
yeah the subject sort of says it all. i have NO idea how to navigate LJ. i wasn't even going to make one but i figured why not right? is anyone even going to read this. nope.

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Oh oh I read it \:D/


oh you have read it! i am extremely shocked!

it's fine. how'd you even find me lol


... BUT I FORGET NOW *fail*

well in the grand theme of things that's unimportant lol

so i have to ask...how'd you come up with spongykittens?

OH THE MEMORIES. Um, I think I wanted the name spastic_kitten or something like that but it was taken, so then I spent like a day or so thinking of something that could replace spastic and came up with spongy XD;;
And yours? I feel like I've heard it somewhere before XD

(Deleted comment)
you are!? i'm shocked twice!

(Deleted comment)
only if i can add you back ^^

(Deleted comment)
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